Be Unique! How Media is Undermining Fashion

08. December 2016 College 0


Fashion is more than the clothes you put on

The fashion world is bombarded by media.  Social media, magazines, and advertisements are constantly full of the latest trends and aim to show people what is the style of the moment.  Today, advertisers tend to feed us ideas of what is unique and how to stand out from the crowd.

Though many fashion campaigns as of late revolve around this idea of being yourself, they are always sponsored by a certain brand or company.  Therefore, our ideas of what is unique are often determined by brands and are therefore biased.


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The ultimate purpose of a fashion advertisement is to make you desire the brand or clothing that the model is wearing.  An ad creates a sense of dissatisfaction in the consumer’s mind and makes the person envy the portrayed style.

According to a study conducted by A O’Cass from the Journal of Economic Psychology over the effects of advertising in fashion, people do notice and care about ads focused on fashion.  The study also found that self-fulfillment is tied to clothes.  By surveying both men and women over a series of questions, the researchers found that a common attitude toward fashion existed.  More people said that wearing fashionable clothing is important and means a lot to them, while less were concerned with deliberating over the clothes they purchase.  This could contribute to the idea that people tend to make fashion choices based on what they are fed through media and don’t stop to think whether this reflects their own personal style.

According to an article from the New York Times, a study was conducted about the influence of fashion on a person’s behavior.  The study found that wearing different types of clothing can affect a person’s actions and mindset.  This lends to the idea that you are what you wear.  Therefore, if you let yourself be influenced by fashion advertisements, then you are inviting the possibility to be changed as a person.

By following a trend that isn’t true to your sense of style, you are not enhancing who you are.  Instead of allowing the media to dictate your idea of fashion, embrace who you are and be unique!

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