Don’t think. Run.

11. December 2016 College 0

(NOTE: I did not decide to write horror posts all of a sudden. This is for my Mass Communications class)

It’s 1am on Friday, October 30, 2015.  I’m shivering outside in the cold waiting on my friends to leave this eerie, abandoned house.  They forced me to go with them but I refuse to go inside.  Trying to keep warm and remain calm, I sit down on the front porch.  As I huddle closer to the porch railing, I hear leaves crunching and I am startled to see a middle-aged man approaching from the side of the house.  To my surprise, I realize he’s my neighbor and a multitude of questions form in my mind.  “You look cold,” he verbalizes before I can speak.  I uneasily nod my head and am not sure whether to respond or run.  Before I can do either, he continues, “You know, I used to live here once, but only for a couple weeks.  I moved in alone and had a strange feeling about the place, but I decided to stay.  One night, I woke up to a blood-curdling scream unlike anything I have ever heard before.  There was no mistaking it came from inside the house.”  Before I can process this information, the house behind me erupts with a high-pitch scream.  Without thinking, I jump up and run.  I don’t think about my strange neighbor or leaving my friends. I run.



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