Every day is a miracle

16. October 2016 College 0


Movies are meant to entertain, but in society today, movies tend to be trashy and void of meaning.   It can be difficult to find a film that is positive and uplifting.  The film below encapsulates that meaning and I felt a need to share just why this movie is so inspiring to me.

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Miracles from Heaven is a deeply impactful movie.  It is one of the only movies I have ever seen that made me cry in the theater.  It was beautifully executed and showcased a phenomenal storyline.  Not only was it based off of a true story, but it also gave hope to all who watched it.

The basic plot line of the movie is a young girl battling an unknown intestinal disease and a family trying to cope and trust God when breakthrough seems impossible.  No doctor seems to be able to diagnose the illness and girl’s mother is desperate to help her daughter.

One day, the girl is playing with her sisters and falls deep down into the middle of a hollow tree.  She lands head-first and is unconscious for several hours.  During this period of unconsciousness (as is discovered later in the movie), the girl encounters God and a taste of Heaven.  Once she regains consciousness, to the disbelief of everyone around her, she is not only healed of her head injury but her stomach illness has disappeared without explanation.  The family testifies that the only way for this healing to have occurred is through a miracle, an act of God.  The movie ends with an inspirational, life-altering statement,

“live as if every day is a miracle”

At the conclusion of the movie, I had a new perspective and renewed hope for humanity.   Every person who walked out of the theater was touched to the core.  People are searching for evidence of God and this wonder-filled film provided just that and more.  Miracles like the ones in this true movie are just a taste of all God is doing in the world.  This beautiful movie shone a light in the darkness of today’s world and provided hope where hope seems lost.

View one of the best scenes in the movie: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_ttnHQ8uP7A

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