Happy “Fall”-idays!

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(UPDATE at bottom) Thanksgiving is almost here!  Bustling kitchens, fresh-baked goods, warm scents, and laughter will soon fill homes all over the country.  Thanksgiving marks the beginning of the holidays and all the excitement that accompanies them.

Though Thanksgiving is widely anticipated for the food, the day after is anticipated for major savings.  Black Friday is the one day of the year where stores everywhere have incredible sales.  From big-ticket electronics to small household items, Black Friday offers something for everyone.

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This year, however, Black Friday does not seem to be as big as in years past.  Deals at major retailers are starting Thanksgiving Day and online deals are taking over in-store sales.  Sadly, the excitement and early morning shopping of the traditional Black Friday experience is slowly fading away.

I have grown up with a family who loves Black Friday.  For my family, it is a day to check off items on each other’s Christmas lists.  We devise a precise plan of attack based on ads that my Grandad brings us and choose which stores we will hit first.  For each store, we have a very specific item to acquire and we try to be as quick as possible.

Before Black Friday started on Thanksgiving, it could be a ruthless battle to get what you wanted.  People would rush into department stores and snatch their coveted item before someone else had a chance to claim it.  I was a part of this frenzy for a couple years, but it was never as extreme as my family experienced before my time.

I have always loved and looked forward to the excitement of Black Friday.  It seems to be a dying tradition in our society, perhaps because we have become a web-centered world.  Now that nearly every in-store deal can be shopped online, people have turned to comfortably shopping at home in their pj’s.  Sales can even be shopped all week long leading up to Thanksgiving (not just the day before).

UPDATE: I did not go out on Friday but I did venture out Thursday night.  The mall had amazing deals and the sales were the same as they were the next day.  I saw how true it is that Black Friday (for the day itself) is quickly disappearing.  Even in the days after Black Friday, many stores carried their sales over into the next week (though not as great of deals) and Cyber Monday sales were tied into Black Friday.

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    So proud of you!

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