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BOO!  Are you ready for a scare?  It’s time for one of the most anticipated holidays of the year, Halloween! Whether you are a diehard Halloween lover, or look forward to dressing up and eating loads of candy, Halloween is a hit.  With costume parties, haunted houses, and homemade goodies, Halloween offers something for everyone.  However, some people fear the holiday rather than look forward to it and not without reason.

Halloween originated to honor the dead but has evolved into a dark celebration of evil.  As our culture has become more and more obsessed with the supernatural, Halloween has become darker and scarier.  The holiday highlights anti-human creatures and demonic supernatural beings.  Though Halloween is terrorizing, it can also be fun.  I strongly oppose the nature of Halloween, but I enjoy costume parties and all the food.  However, there is one thing you should know about me.

I avoid horror at ALL costs

ANYTHING that involves the feeling of being scared repulses me.  Horror films, haunted houses, frightening costumes, and even Halloween stores are terrifying and unattractive to me.  From the time I was a young girl, I have consciously avoided the evil qualities of Halloween.  I would not even trick-or-treat at a house if it gave me an ominous feeling.  Many times I hid in the car while my family would hunt for candy door-to-door because I refused to support the frightening holiday.  I wasn’t just afraid of scary things; I feared anything evil.

At the time, I could not explain my conviction, but I held strongly to it.  My family members respected me and we would spend our Halloween in alternative ways, such as watching a (non-scary) movie at a theater.  Though I have begun to see the fun in Halloween, I will never support the evil it represents.  The fact that so many people enjoy celebrating the dark holiday has made me aware of just how twisted our world is.  People should not celebrate death, but rather life!

I now realize that I dislike Halloween because it suppresses my joy for Jesus and tries to replace it with hollow things of this world.  I have found my source of happiness in Jesus and that can never be tainted by evil.  Because of my security in Jesus, I do not need to fear the world – Jesus has overcome it!  Halloween is hollow compared to His unsurpassed glory.

Holding on to this truth, I will now try to find a not-so-scary movie to watch.  (UPDATE: I watched Stranger Things because I couldn’t handle anything scarier :P)

(Bonus points if you can find me in the picture 😉 )

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    Kimberly on November 13, 2016 Reply

    Great to hear you folllowing through with your convictions no matter what others think or say.

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